Found: The best (budget) foundation

Found: The best (budget) foundation

When I think about how much I have spent on foundations in my time, it makes me miss the Black Range Rover I could have bought.

I have tried them all; the cheap generic $10 foundation from the supermarket all the way to the $90 boutique stuff purchased from the girl you wish you looked like at the beauty counter at DJs.

But friends, I have finally found the one! And it’s $20 a bottle!!!

I used DB cosmetics as a teenager. Their concealer was rad. Back then it used to be stocked in Priceline and select chemists, but over the past few years DB has gone through a re-brand and released a range of epic new products.

I got given a bottle of DB Hydrating Foundation four months after the birth of my first child. At the time, I was desperate to cover dark circles, and at least look like I was somewhat alive despite the sleep deprived, foggy, milky mess I felt. And ‘ta-da’ I looked refreshed, glowy and happy!

Most importantly it’s got coverage. But not in a thick ‘let’s make you look like you are covered in clay’ kind of way. It is like the texture and glow of a tinted moisturiser with the coverage of a full foundation. All the highlighting goodness focuses people’s attention to cheekbones and texture. I honestly feel radiant.

Its vegan, it’s not tested on animals and It’s available in selected stores and online (with super fast delivery). Thank me later.